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Startup 101 Master Class

Designed for 
tech startups looking to win the game with  product-led growth.


9 private sessions

limited to 3 team members

Build a Product that the Market Needs and Will Pay for It

Get the Ingredients of Building a Startup Right

9 Sessions of Private Mentoring for Startups Looking to Win the Game


The following 9 mentoring sessions with each startup will be focused on helping the founders understand product growth concepts, success metrics to help build a foundation for growth. 


  1. Establish a deep understanding of growth, product-led growth, and growth initiatives.

  2. Create a plan for your startup to grow its user base, measure success, and build a plan that will lead to user satisfaction, company growth, and raising funding.


1. How to build products users love and how to build a business around it - 1-hour session explains in detail how to understand the true and deep needs of users and how to come up with a business model that would serve the user's needs. Deeper discussion around pricing structure and freemium to a paid subscription model and more.


2. How to test the hypothesis and test the market to find true users' needs - 1-hour session. Testing your market and users' needs as quickly as possible without spending so much time and money on building a full-fledged product is what enables fast growth. You learn more by testing fast and getting feedback as soon as possible so you can correct course quickly to find your growth levers.


3. How to build MLP (Minimum Lovable Products) and test the market and learn from it - 1-hour session

Building small versions of products and features that users may or may not like and putting them out as soon as possible to be used by users will prevent you from building the wrong product. Minimum Lovable Products are small products and features that are built to learn from the market and validate your ideas as soon as possible. Measuring what works and what does not as soon as possible, will enable you with real-time data from users and a feedback loop that will help you steer your startup wheel in the right direction.


4. How to do market research to analyze the competition and position your company to win - 1-hour session

Researching your market properly in a way that you can intelligently talk about your competition, how you differentiate and how you are positioning your company to serve a specific segment of the market will put you on the right path to build the right company and also to raise capital for your startup.


5. How to grow your user base, retain your existing users, and put a referral strategy in place. - 1-hour session

Finding the best growth lever in the product will give you the superpower to seal the holes of your leaky retention bucket so that when users come into your product, they stay with the product long term helping you increase the lifetime value of the users.


6. How to combine market research, GTM (go-to-market strategy), and product-led growth to win the market.

Growth comes from a deep understanding of your market, your users' needs, coming up with your ideal customers' profile and then building a product that serves these customers and finding a clever way to take your product to the market faster and cheaper.


7. How to know what features to build and how to prioritize them - 1-hour session

There are so many ideas for new products and features, but how to know how to prioritize them, which ones to build first, and which ones can wait in a way that you can grow your company as soon as possible.


8. Build a business model canvas and prepare for growth, fundraising, and visualizing your company’s strategy on one page - 1-hour session

The business model canvas is a one-page document that puts the entire strategy of your product into one page enabling you to see everything clearly in one place. This one-page document will give you the big picture you need to make important strategic decisions for your startup.


9. Business Communication, Leadership Skills

Practice presenting, communicating with mentors and future advisors, and investors, and how to attract high-profile people to help you build your business. In addition, improve your leadership skills and build an amazing culture in your startup.


About Me


Hi there!

My name is Alina Shahnazari. I am the co-founder of Agile Clouders. A software consultancy firm in Los Angeles. I am a passionate product leader who has built many software products over 16+ years as an engineer, product manager, and program manager.

I have built products for NASA-JPL, Snapchat, Kaiser Permanente, Motion Picture Association of America, and many startups in the tech industry.

My true passion is creating products users love and ones that solve business problems.

In this live private masterclass, we will discuss product-led growth, business model, and growth concepts in the context of your startup. This master class will save you from experiencing some of the known pitfalls of startups and will help you save time and money by steering the direction of your company to where you can win the game!


9 private sessions

limited to 3 team members

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