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Become a

product manager

in 5 weeks

A Real-World PM Training

No School will teach you this!

Live and hands-on Class

Now $230

(Regular Price $700)

Level 1 Certification

Semi-Private and live training

Build A Rewarding Career

Invest in yourself

  • A high-demand skill Globally

  • High paying Jobs

  • A uniquely rewarding career path

  • In demand in any technology company

About Me


Hi there!

My name is Alina Shahnazari. I am the co-founder of Agile Clouders. A software consultancy firm in Los Angeles. I am a passionate product leader who has built many software products during 16+ years as an engineer, product manager and program manager.

I have built products for NASA-JPL, Snapchat, Kaiser Permanate, Motion Picture Association of America and many startups in the tech industry.

My true passion is creating products users love and ones that solve business problems. Join me in this live, online course and let me take you on the product management journey where you will discover what this amazing career path is all about and how you can build a wonderful career for yourself as a product manager.

I hold a B.S. in Software Engineering,  a certification of Project Management form Caltech, Marketing Strategy from Cornell University, multiple trainings in Agile development, Product Management, team building and Art of Negotiations from NASA.  

5 Weeks Live Training

Meet twice per week with your teacher and other students for 5 weeks and become a product manager!

Unique Training Materials and Curriculum 

Practical training materials, real-world exercises and student participation.


Certification of Compeletion

Product Management Level 1 certification from

Agile Clouders, Inc.

Team Meeting

Real World Experience

Learn how product managers at the best companies in tech operate. Work on real world projects!

Online Meeting

Live Training 


Meet twice per week, 90 minutes each with your trainer and your class!

Video Conference

Access to Recorded Sessions

All live virtual sessions will be recorded and will be available to you

The Curriculum

  • Session One - The PM Role in a Nutshell

90 Minutes

-What is product management

-The art and science of product management

-Personality types and different educational backgrounds in the PM world

-What is the career path for a product managers

-How to find PM positions/how to position yourself as a PM

-Assign real life project to students

Q&A + open discussions

  • Session Two - Communication as a PM

90 Minutes

-Communication and relationships

-Stakeholders management

-Cross team communications

-Team management  and leadership

-How to position yourself as a PM

-Other side skills to develop as a PM

  • Session Three - Data Fluency for a PM

90 Minutes

-Data Analysis

-How to read and interpret data

-Tell stories with data

-How to use data for decision making

  • Session Four - The Success Metrics

90 Minutes

-Success metrics in products

-How to measure success

-Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Session Five - The User Experience Design Principles for a PM

90 Minutes

-What is UX

-How to work with a UX designer

-What if you don't have a UX designer in your team

-How to lead, influence and collaborate with your designer and the rest of the team

  • Session Six - Getting Things Done

90 Minutes


-Prioritization techniques

-Time and energy management

-Stress management

-Discover a secret power within you!

- Working with engineers

  • Session Seven - Business Models and Revenue

90 Minutes

-Discussion on different business models (this alone will take you to the next level)

  • Session Eight - Student Presentations

90 Minutes

-Group feedback on students projects

-Live presentations

  • Session Nine - A Secret Reveal Session!

90 Minutes

-No school will teach you this! 

-The most valuable session of the training!

(recording will not be available for this session)

  • Session Ten - Land a Product Management Position

- How to write a good resume

-How to present yourself at a job interview

-How to search and apply for a PM job

-Your first 90 days in a new job

Now $230

(Regular Price $700)

Expect a Totally Different Experience

If you are looking for a real-world training for Product Management that will give you a sense of what to expect when you land your first PM role and if you are looking for the real secrets of becoming a successful product manager, you came to the right place and we cannot wait to meet you!

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