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What is product discovery?
Product discovery is the processes and techniques used to discover unmet users' needs and to design new experiments to validate users' needs that would result in creating products that users would truly love and ones that make sense for the business.
The product discovery process aims to minimalize the uncertainty of new products and new features being adopted by users. The processes eliminate unnecessary feature creeps, feature overbuild, or building the wrong product that would cost businesses so much money and time to build and it would minimalize the opportunity cost that prevents the product teams to focus on the right products to build.
In this course, we will go through the entire process of discovering what users need and clearly articulating what users' deepest needs are, and come up with ways to quickly test our assumptions and eventually create features and products that are loved by users and meet business needs. 


Product Discovery

Innovate Faster through Scalable Processes

When the size of a company scales in most cases innovation becomes a struggle.  The way to scale product innovation in companies bigger than 50 people is through adopting processes that allow us to keep innovation fast pace and effective. Product discovery does just that. Companies use product discovery to:

  • Innovate faster 

  • Build the right products and features

  • Make the right product decisions fast and be able to communicate the "whys" with stakeholders

  • Scale Innovation


About Me


Hi there!

My name is Alina Shahnazari. I am the co-founder of Agile Clouders. A software consultancy firm in Los Angeles. I am a passionate product leader who has built many software products for 16+ years as an engineer, product manager, and program manager.

I have built products for NASA-JPL, Snapchat, Kaiser Permanate, Motion Picture Association of America, and many startups in the tech industry.

I hold a B.S. in Software Engineering, a certification of Project Management from Caltech, Marketing Strategy from Cornell University, UX Design from UCLA, multiple trainings in Agile development, Product Management, team building, and  The Art of Negotiations from NASA.  

Author of Who Do You Want to Be? 


Course Structure

Includes 5 Live sessions, live discussions and Q&A , a unique workbook 

Session 1

60 Minutes​

  • What is Product Discovery

Session 2

60 Minutes

  • How to combine data, intuition, research and company goals to come up with the right product to build

Session 3

60 Minutes

  • The processes of product discovery


Session 4

60 Minutes

  • Reallife product discovery practice session

Section 5

60 Minutes

  • The role of PM in product discovey

  • How to communicate processes and results and how to decide on next steps


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