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Product-led growth (PLG) is like a chef who relies on the quality of their ingredients to make a del

Product-led growth (PLG) is like a chef who relies on the quality of their ingredients to make a delicious meal, instead of relying on fancy plating or aggressive marketing tactics. By putting the product

at the center of everything, companies aim to attract, engage and retain customers through the value of the product itself.

However, not everyone is on board with this approach. Some sales teams may feel like PLG is taking their power away, or making them irrelevant. It's like asking a talented magician to perform a magic show without their wand - it's a big change, and can be scary.

Here's why some sales teams might be hesitant to embrace PLG, and how companies can help them overcome their fears:

  1. Change is hard: Just like trying a new recipe, change can be a bit intimidating, especially for sales teams who are used to their tried-and-true methods.

  2. Loss of control: With PLG, the sales team has to let go of some control and let the product lead the way. It's like a driver who has to let the GPS guide them, instead of following their gut instincts.

  3. Uncertainty: It can be tough to predict how PLG will impact sales goals and quotas, which can be like a game of darts in the dark.

  4. Feeling unimportant: Sales teams may feel like they're being replaced by the product, which is like being a co-pilot who never gets to fly the plane.

So, what can companies do to help sales teams feel more comfortable with PLG?

  1. Show them the ropes: Just like teaching someone to cook, providing education and training can help sales teams understand PLG and feel more confident with it.

  2. Highlight the perks: Remind sales teams of the benefits of PLG, like increased efficiency and improved job satisfaction, which are like the cherry on top of a sundae.

  3. Lead by example: Make sure that sales leaders are fully behind PLG and are passionate about it, just like a great manager who inspires their team.

  4. Work together: Encourage collaboration between sales and product teams, so that everyone is aligned and working together, like a well-oiled machine.

In conclusion, PLG may seem like a big change for sales teams, but with a little bit of guidance and support, they can learn to love it like a new recipe. By embracing PLG, sales teams can enjoy the benefits of a product-led approach and create delicious results for themselves and the company.

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