Improve the registration/conversion rate for your app/website?

What is registration?

The process of leading a potential customer to become a member which usually involves providing some sort of information such as email address, name, username ,phone number and a password to the site operators so that they recognize you as a member.

What drives people to register?

People are motivated for different reasons to become a member and it could be a combination of one of the followings:

1. The hear about your product/service from one or more people.

2.They get invitation from a friend to join an app/service

3.They hear about your offering on social media or blogs.

4.They see your ads online/offline.

5.They search in app store or on Goolge , looking for a product like yours.

and then they feel that your product/service might improve a specific aspect of their life that they care about.

The user usually carefully considers your offering, and is ready to give it a try.

What usually stops people form becoming a member?

1. The process might take too long.

2.The registration process may ask for too many personal information.

3.Too many steps may be involved.

4.The design and user interface may be confusing or look unprofessional.

5.User may not be ready to join your service/app before he/she can try and see the value of your offering.

Quick tips that may help improve you conversion(registration) rate

In improve the conversion rate, you will need to track the user journey and figure out where in the process they drop. Here are some quick places to look at when looking to improve your conversion rate:

1. Aesthetic design build trust. Make sure you page designs are not below the industry standard.

2.Resell and remind the value of your product/service at registration.

3.Make it easy to join and try.

4.Don't ask for too many personal information. Only ask for what is needed.

5.Don't ask for email verification if not needed at this point.

6.For business application, you might need to ask for so many information. Show and explain why you need these information from the user.

Improve your "Time to wow"

Time to wow is how long it takes before your customer gets to the point of wow. The idea is to move the wow factor to the front, show the value that your business generates up front and motive users to become members.

Conventional Approach

Wow first

At the end of the day, you should strive to delight and wow your customers and help create the "aha moment" so that users can realize your product's true value. It is only then that they will become your loyal members and will recommend your service/product to others.


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