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Engineering for

nontechnical product managers

designers are welcome too!

Now $950
Regular Price $1,300

Be Effective with Engineering Teams

  • Communicate with engineers clearly and effectively 

  • Participate in engineering discussions, and task estimation

  • Make go, no-go decisions and discuss trade offs

  • Help stakeholders understand the team's engineering challenges

About Me


Hi there!

My name is Alina Shahnazari. I am the co-founder of Agile Clouders. A software consultancy firm in Los Angeles. I am a passionate product leader who has built many software products during 16+ years as an engineer, product manager and program manager.

I have built products for NASA-JPL, Snapchat, Kaiser Permanate, Motion Picture Association of America and many startups in the tech industry.

Join me in this unique hands on training where I'll help you build your confidence working with technical engineering teams and improve your effectiveness and creativity. 

I hold a B.S. in Software Engineering, a certification of Project Management from Caltech, Marketing Strategy from Cornell University, multiple trainings in Agile development, Product Management, team building and  The Art of Negotiations from NASA.  

Author of Who Do You Want to Be? 


Course Structure

Includes 8 Live sessions, live discussions and Q&A , a unique workbook to improve your technical skills and be affective with engineering teams

Session 1

60 Minutes

  • Explore the challenges of non-technical product managers

  • Communication with engineers

  • How to think like an engineer

Session 2

60 Minutes

  • How engineering work is being done

  • What engineers care about

Session 3

60 Minutes

  • How to develop enough engineering skills to be more affective

  • How to ask the right technical questions

  • How to communicate technical matters with other stake holders


Session 4

60 Minutes

  • How engineers build a product

  • Technical terms you need to know as a product manager

Section 5

60 Minutes

  • Learn how the backend and the front end works

  • How databases function


Session 6

60 Minutes

  • How to know if a product is feasible to build

  • What questions to ask

  • How to closely work with engineering team during built and testing

Session 7

60 Minutes

  • How to add value to engineering teams

  • Common pitfalls to avoid when building a product 

Session 8

60 Minutes

  • Why improving your technical skills help you be more affective, creative and confident

  • More technical terms you need to know about

  • How to best align engineering, design and data to build great products

Now $950
Regular Price $1,300

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