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Product Management

Become a product manager in 5 weeks!

A unique, real-world and live training that will prepare you for an amazing career in product management.

Build Your Product Growth Team

This is a one of kind training for startups wishing to build a product growth team to accelerate user retention, referrals and engagement. 

Awaken Your Inner Genius

Designed for Women in Products

A private course that helps you improve your focus, creativity, presence in the art and science of building amazing products.

Technical Skills for non-technical product managers

In this unique and live course learn how to improve your effectiveness

with engineering teams,  participate in technical discussions and build better products 

Product Intuition
for founders, product managers and Ux designers

Build your intuition and innovate your way to success!

Product Discovery
For product Managers

Learn the process of disovering lovable products!

Startup 101 Master Class
Designed for founders of early-stage startups

9 private sessions to learn and discuss product-led growth in the context of your startup and your product, business model, and product-led growth.

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