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About Us

Agile Clouders Inc. is a software consulting company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. Our founders come from many years of experience in engineering, design, and product management from world-class companies such as NASA, Snapchat, Motion Picture Association of America, Yellow Pages, and more.

We are a team of builders passionate about helping companies of all sizes modernize their businesses through digital transformation, building beautiful and capable software products that solve business problems and ones that users love to use, and also train and coach capable and motivated teams to support and grow amazing businesses.  

Striving for excellence is what drives us to deliver amazing work for our customers. We take pride in every project that we take on and we integrate ourselves deeply with the companies we work with to make sure we truly understand the unique needs of each of our customers so that we can build the best possible digital products for them that result in growth, business streamlining and efficiency.


Arin Tahmasian
CEO, Head of Engineering
 Los Angeles, CA

For as long as I remember, I have always had a great interest in science and technology and since I was 11 years old, I have coded and built many software products. During my career, I have built products for the medical industry, Yellow Pages and NASA-JPL.

My team and I have also built many products for multiple startups in social network, document management, AI, and real estate spaces that went on to become successful businesses. Something that I take pride in.

When I am not engineering and building products, I spend time with my family and friends, enjoy swimming and playing music, and keep myself updated on the latest in science.


Alina Shahnazari
Head of Products and Experiences/ Business Development

 Los Angeles, CA

Amazing products that people love to use are created with love, empathy, and a deep understanding of the market the product aims to serve. products that are based on love and abundance sell like hotcakes and products that rely on scarcity and fear project negativity and eventually lose. We, as builders of products, project our mindset into the products we build, and therefore upgrading our mindset to a growth mindset, love, and abundance will transfer to successful products.

This is the product mindset and principles that I teach in my product and growth courses at Agile Clouders.

During my career, I have built products for NASA-JPL, Snapchat, Kaiser Permanente, Motion Picture Association of America, and multiple successful startups.

Author of  Who Do You Want to Be?

Sukesh Marla1_edited_edited.jpg

Sukesh Marla
General Manager, India / Software Architect

I love solving problems. The more challenging the projects, the more fun they are for me.

With extensive experience as an Architect and a Tech Lead, I have been able to make our customers' life easier by building scalable and beautiful products.

Following my passion as my profession has been the best decision I have made in my life so far. My passion for technology and teaching drove me to share my skills in two books and tons of online articles and blogs that gave me a way to give back to the tech community.

Author of A Journey to Angular Development, Learn MVC in 7 Days

Dipesh Shinde_edited.jpg

Dipesh Shinde
Engineering Lead

 I love to code, strategize and execute. Overcoming difficult technical challenges excites and motivates me. I take pride in making things better through hard work, talent, and self-improvement on a daily basis. 

Besides my engineering work, I love to watch series/movies and having fun with my family and friends.

Dhiraj Poojary copy_edited.jpg

Dhiraj Poojary
Cloud Engineer, Lead

I am passionate about learning new technologies and creating software applications that help people and communities. I also consider myself a  humble Cloud Expert.

On top of that, I love to explore new places and ride my bike.

Parvez Siddique_edited_edited.jpg

Parvez Siddique

Senior Software Engineer

I always strive to be a  technical expert, a good team member, and a leader.

I also love writing and singing rap music.

Dipal Marla_edited_edited.jpg

Dipal Marla
Senior UI Engineer

I enjoy challenges, as they give me a chance to explore new paths and learn more. UI Design allows me to express my creativity in the products I build.

I also like to spend time with family, cook, travel, and explore new places.

Tushar Lone_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Tushar Lone
Senior Software Engineer

I am always learning, challenging and pushing myself to reach my true potential. I am never limited to any particular technology.

Being in touch with nature, hiking. exploring new places and meeting new people makes me tick!

Mrunali Sawant (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Mrunali Sawant

Senior Software Engineer

I am passionate about creating efficient products to give people amazing and memorable experiences through technology.

Painting is another passion of mine!

Sagar Gavand_edited.jpg

Sagar Gawand

Senior Software Engineer

Technology is a passion of mine. I love to understand technology, make work more effective and successful.  I enjoy nothing more than this!

Other than technology drawing and listening to music is what charges me up.

Preeti Tetgure_edited.jpg

Preeti Tetgure

Front End Engineer

I love to learn new technologies!

I also like to read books and travel to different places.

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