About Us

Agile Clouders Inc. is a software consulting company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. Our capable and talented team comes from many years of experience in engineering, design, and product management from world-class companies such as NASA, Snapchat, Motion Picture Association of America, Yellow Pages, and more.

Our passion is to help companies of all sizes modernize their businesses through digital transformation, build beautiful, useful, and capable software products that solve business problems and ones that users love to use, and also train and coach capable and motivated teams to support and grow amazing businesses.  

Striving for excellence is what drives us to deliver amazing work for our customers. We take pride in every project that we take on and we integrate ourselves deeply with the companies we work with to make sure we truly understand the unique needs of each of our customers so that we can build the best possible digital products for them that result in growth, business streamlining and efficiency.

Meet Our Founders


Arin Tahmasian

CEO, Head of Engineering

Hi there!

My name is Arin. For as long as I remember myself, I have always had a great interest in science and technology and since I was 11 years old, I have coded and have built many software products. During my career I have built products for the medical industry, Yellow Pages and NASA-JPL.

My team and I have also built many products for multiple startups in social network, document management, AI, and real estate  spaces that went on to become successful businesses. Something that I take pride in.

When I am not engineering and building products, I spend time with my family and friends, enjoy swimming and playing music, and  keep  myself updated on the latest on science.

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My name is Alina. My true passion is creating products that sell like hotcakes!

Products that go like hotcakes are ones that people cannot wait to get their hands on. I am passionate about creating digital hotcakes.


During my career,  I have built products for NASA-JPL, Snapchat, Motion Picture Association of America, Kaiser Permanente, and multiple successful startups.


I am super proud of our capable team of product managers, designers, and engineers that I work with every day and together we build products that make us proud and make our customers happy.

When I am not working on a product, I spend my time with my family, immerse myself in books, write, practice yoga, or go out with friends.

Author of Who Do You Want to Be? 

Alina Shahnazari

Head of Products